Digitale Schirmanzeigevorrichtung

Digital screen display apparatus

Appareil d'affichage à écran numérique


A digitizing screen apparatus includes a front diffuser sheet, a grid and a back diffuser sheet which produces a unique digitizing effect. Images are project­ed from transparent slides onto the back diffuser sheet. A striped mask shields a portion of the back diffuser sheet from the light. Art work is placed on the slides and punched to provide a multiplicity of windows. When no image is shown all of the slides are located so that their windows line up behind the windows in the mask and the art work portions are lined up across from the nontransparent portions of the mask. A solenoid operated drive means selectively presents one or more slides at a time to the transparent windows inthe mask for projection upon the digitizing screen. A programming mechanism in combination with a damping dash pot associated with the solenoid drive permits one mosaic image to dissolve into another as the first slide is withdrawn and a second slide replaces it. According to one alternative embodiment the grid may be replaced by a simple spacing mechanism having a predeter­mined gap. According to another alternative embodiment, the drive means can comprise a bi-metallic drive device. Other alternative embodiments are also disclosed. The invention is capable of presenting a substantial number of mosaic images which dissolve from one to another in a pleasing manner.




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