Halbleiteranordnung mit einer Ladungsübertragungsanordnung

Dispositif semi-conducteur muni d'un dispositif de transfert de charge

Semiconductor device provided with a charge transfer device


The invention relates to a semiconductor device comprising a charge transfer device having an output stage (8). The output stage (8) comprises a read-out zone (9), a feedback capacitor (11) and an amplifier (10). An inverting input (15) of the amplifier (10) is connected to the read-out zone (9) and an output (16) of the ampli­fier (10) is fed back via the feedback capacitor (11) to the inverting input (15). According to the invention, the capacitor (11) is a capacitor of the MOS type and means are provided by which during operation of the charge transfer device the surface potential of a surface region (13) in the capacitor (11) is solely determined by the potential of the read-out zone (9). Consequently, the capacitance of the feedback capacitor (11) is dependent upon the potential across it, as a result of which there is a linear relation between the charge supplied to the read-out zone (9) and the voltage variation across the capacitor (11). Thus, this voltage variation is an accurate measure for the supplied charge.




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