Automatischer Spender von Haarentfernungswachs auf Haarentfernungsstreifen

Depilatory wax automatic dispenser on depilatory strips

Distributeur automatique de cire dépilatoire sur bandes à épiler


A depilatory wax automatic dispenser on depilatory strips essentially comprising: a basement (1) for a pot (26); an electrical resistance (24) immerged in said pot; a cavity (6) made in said basement (1) near said resistance (24); a batcher cylinder (7) closing said cavity (6); a device to positionate a strip (3) at a preselected clearance from said cylinder; at least one outlet port (22) in said cylinder to dispose wax on said strip (3) slipping below said port (22); means (12) for manoeuvering said cylinder (7) from a first closing position to a seocnd opening position for said port (22); elements (12b) for disposing said strip (3) in an horizontal attitude when said cylinder is in said second position; electrical feeding control means for said resistance.




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