Dispositif de prise et/ou d'injection de sang et aiguille pointue des deux côtés et étui correspondant

Blood collection and/or injection device and double-ended medical needle and holder therefor

Blutsammel- und/oder -einspritzgerät und beidseitig gespritzte Nadel und Halterung dafür


A blood collection and/or injection device includes a double-ended medical needle (200) including a cannula (32) having opposite pointed ends (30a, 30b) and a hub (34) fitted over the cannula, a cylindrical holder (300) having an opening (38) defined in one end thereof, the end portion (30c) of the cannula which is covered with the rubber sheath (36) being adapted to be inserted into the opening (38) with the hub held in the opening by the holder, and an evacuated blood collection tube (400) or syringe adapted to be inserted into the holder through an opening (44) defined in the opposite end of the holder and pierced by the end portion (30c) of the cannula. The holder has hub support walls (52) disposed around the opening in said one end of the holder for sup­porting an end portion of the hub. When the end portion of the cannula is inserted into the opening in said one end of the holder, the hub is held in position by the hub support walls.




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