Hohle, klebrige Mikrokugeln, enthaltender druckempfindlicher Klebstoff und makromolekulares Monomer enthaltendes Bindercopolymer

Pressure-sensitive adhesive comprising hollow tacky microspheres and macromonomer-containing binder copolymer

Adhésif sensible à la pression contenant des microsphères creuses collantes et liant en copolymère contenant un monomère macromoléculaire


A repositionable pressure-sensitive adhesive comprising from about 70% to about 99% hollow, polymeric, acrylate, inherently tacky, infusible, solvent-insoluble, solvent-dispersible, elastomeric microspheres comprising at least one alkyl acrylate or alkyl methacrylate ester, a majority of the microspheres having one or more interior voids having a diameter of at least about 10% of the diameter of the microsphere, and correspondingly, from about 30% to about 1% of a binder copolymer comprising an elastomeric polymeric backbone having pendant therefrom high Tg polymeric moieties.




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