Mécanisme de connexion pour modules de machine

Machine module connecting mechanism

Verbindungsvorrichtung für modulare Maschine


There is disclosed a connecting mechanism for securing together two modules of a mailing machine which are sufficiently heavy and bulky that one person could not manipulate the entire machine for installation or service if the machine were constructed as one unit. Each module is mounted on a separate base plate, one of which has outwardly projecting legs extending from a side face of the base plate and the other of which has inwardly extending recesses which open at the side face thereof adapted to abut the side face of the first mentioned base plate. The legs have raised bosses adjacent the ends thereof which are received within L-shaped recesses formed in a latching bar mounted adjacent the ends of the recesses in the second mentioned base plate, the bar being laterally movable from an unlocked position in which the raised bosses can enter the openings of the L-shaped recesses to a locked position in which the raised bosses are locked within a slightly tapered locking portion of the L-shaped slots to pull the base plates toward each other so that the abutting faces are in firm contact with each other.




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